12 selected students have just started their summer research internships in AA4CC and 1 in a partner institution - LMS International in Leuven, Belgium

They will work on their projects till the beginning of the next semestr, that is, in total about 2 and a half months. Their progress will be documented on personal blogs. Namely

  • Jiří Figura - experimental verification of some control schemes for ultrasonic piezoelectric actuators,
  • Bronislav Robenek - use of CMOS or CCD camera chip as a sensor for planar micromanipulation using dielectrophoresis,
  • Marek Hudec - modeling and control for deformable mirrors for x-ray optics,
  • Filip Svoboda - control design for Nanoquad (a tiny indoor quadrotor),
  • Petr Marek - implementation of electronic control system for an inertially stabilized camera platform,
  • Matej Straka - modeling UAVs,
  • Viktor Kajml - low-level programming for a modular magnetic array,
  • Tomáš Michálek - experimentation with a planar microelectrode array fo dielectrophoresis,
  • Martin Gurtner - imlementation of inertial estimation algorithms using some new MEMS inertial sensors,
  • Filip Kirschner - programming of some user interfaces for dielectrophoresis and magarray for iPAD,
  • Jaroslav Halgašík - experimenting with a formation of 3 AR.Drone 2.0 quadrotors
  • Ivan Nikolaev - working on real-time prototyping of control algorithms for magarray platform.
  • Josef Muller - working in the partner institution - LMS International in Leuven, Belgium. His focus is on modeling and estimation for vehicular dynamics.