AA4CC group is one of the partners in the awarded GACR CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE

Researchers from AA4CC group (lead by Zdeněk Hurák) together with researchers from Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republics (group lead by Dr. František Foret) and Department of Biochemistry of Masaryk University in Brno (group lead by Prof. Zdeněk Glatz) succeeded in getting a prestigious granf from Grant Agency of the Czech Republic of the Centre of Excellence type.The name of this strongly multidisciplinary project is "Centre for advanced bioanalytical technologies". The contribution of AA4CC group is anticipated in applying advanced control techniques for micromanipulation using dielectrophoresis and possibly other principles from the domains of electrokinetics and microfluidics. With a span of 7 years the project will certainly help boost the already started research.