AA4CC members participated at 2012 American Control Conference

The 2012 ACC conference was held June 27 through 29 in Montréal, Canada. Jiří and Zdeněk actively participated with their joint paper on ""Feedback linearization approach to distributed feedback manipulation." Jiří was awarded the "Best presentation in a section" minor award. Kamil Dolinský and Sergej Čelikovský participated with their joint paper on "Kalman Filter under Nonlinear System Transformations". Both Zdeněk Hurák and Sergej Čelikovský also chaired their sessions.

Image: Czechs (and a Pole) at the 2012 ACC final reception
Image: Jiří Zemánek and Zdeněk Hurák and Milan Korda at the 2012 ACC conference banquet