AA4CC moved to new offices and labs

Since the second week of March, the majority of the AA4CC group has bee located in a different place. The rooms S136 and S137 in the basement have been left for the new rooms K8 and K11. The rooms S133 and S134 have been left for the room K9.

These new rooms can be found on the ground floor, the right wing of the building E.

  • The room K8 is currently occupied by Dr. Zdeněk Hurák and Jiří Zemánek and hosts the laboratory setup for the research conducted within GAČR Center of Excellence for Advanced Bioanalytical Technology, that is, microfluidics, electrokinetics and some micromanipulation stuff.
  • The room K9 is currently occupied by Dr. Martin Hromčík, Dr. Petr Kujan, Tomáš Haniš and Milan Anderle and occasionally by some graduate student or two collaborating in the domain of aerospace applications of advanced control.
  • The room K11 is currently occupied by Martin Řezáč and a bunch of graduate and undergraduate students involved in the project of inertially stabilized camera platform and vehicular platooning using racing slotcars. Namely Jan Salášek, Petr Marek for the former, and Dan Martinec for the latter.
  • Pawel Dabkowski and Kamil Dolinský remain seated in the S137 room in the basement.

While moving, we also had some fun...:-)

Image: Tomas and Martin happy to carry Zdenek to his new place so as not to waste his precious time
Image: Sherpas carrying Zdenek and his stuff to his new place need to take some rest
Image: The head of the department is greeting the sherpas carrying Zdenek to his new lab
Image: Refreshment while moving to a new place
Image: Zdenek finally in his new lab
Image: The head of the department - Michael Sebek - happy about achieving his goal...:-)
Image: Now the help is really needed