Building a laboratory syringe pump


The goal of this short-term project is to build a simple syringe pump which would work both independently and under control from a PC. Inspiration can be found in numerous do-it-yourself (DIY) projects on the web, such as, or The actual work can be as simple as selecting suitable components (stepper motor, motor driver, possibly some microcontroller, screws, nuts, ...), downloading a suitable 3D design, introducing minor design modifications (if any), doing the actual 3D printing (we own the popular Ultimaker II printer) and assembling the stuff.

It is expected that the project will take no more than one or two months, hence the project is suitable for a student who already did some do-it-youself projects (this is not an educational projects, we just need the stuff badly).

The work will be financially very nicely rewarded.

The need for such equipment comes from our research in the domain of microfluidics and electrokinetics, see the description at The interested student might find this project a nice opportunity to step into that fascinating research domain combining engineering and science.

Contact person: 
Zdeněk Hurák
Contact person: 
Jiří Zemánek