Didier Henrion: Measures and LMI for space launcher robust control validation

Thu, 04/19/2012

Talk given by Didier Henrion, starting at 2pm in K14 room. Everyone welcome.

Abstract: We describe a new temporal verification framework for safety and robustness analysis of nonlinear control laws, our target application being a space launcher vehicle. Robustness analysis, formulated as a nonconvex nonlinear optimization problem on admissible trajectories corresponding to piecewise polynomial dynamics, is relaxed into a convex linear programming problem on measures. This infinite-dimensional problem is then formulated as a generalized moment problem, which allows for a numerical solution via a hierarchy of linear matrix inequality (LMI) relaxations solved by semidefinite programming. The approach is illustrated on space launcher vehicle benchmark problems, in the presence of closed-loop nonlinearities (saturations and deadzones) and axis coupling. This is joint work with Martine Ganet-Schoeller (EADS Astrium Space Transportation) and Samir Bennani (European Space Research and Technology Centre, European Space Agency).