Doc. Petr Horáček: Modeling and simulation of dynamical systems in industry

Fri, 02/06/2015

Friday control theory seminar. This time we will start at 1pm (beware that normally we start the regular friday seminars at 2pm)! The expected duration is 60 to 90 minutes including the discussion. The seminar will be exceptionally held in Zengerova posluchárna on Karlovo náměstí campus.

This time we will have a guest speaker - Dr. Petr Horáček from Rockwell Automation corporation here in Prague. He will have a talk on "Modeling and simulation of dynamical systems in industry". It has become sort of a tradition to have his talk included among the lectures of our undergraduate course on modeling and simulation of dynamical systems. Due to the popularity of this talk among students we decided to organize this as regular seminar so that not only the undergrads but also grad students, postdocs and faculty members can attend it. 

Petr Horacek is one of leading experts in Czech republic on modeling, simulation and advanced control of industrial processes and systems (and a former faculty member of department of control engineering). His portfolio includes projects from various applications domains such as  food processing industry (fiber glass production, cheese cooker, tunnel pasteurizer of beer, wet blender, chocolate tempering machine, tower dryer), waterworks industry (water distribution system for a big city agglomeration, complex pumping station, sewage system, desert irrigation system) and production processes (curing machine).

Petr plans to give an overview of his industrial projects and is willing to discuss the details of any project that the audience find attractive. The key flavour of his modeling projects is that he insists on building the models from the first principles. The actual physical parameters might be determined from the measured data but the key structure of the model is assembled using the knowledge of the physics of the problem. Being one of the first promoters of power bond graphs in the Czech and Slovak engineering communities, his talk might be a confirmation that this methodology is perfectly practical and useful. After all, that is why we decided to base our own undergrad course on bond graphs...