Dr. Jaroslav Pekař (Honeywell Prague Laboratory): Application of Advanced Modeling and Control Methods to Internal Combustion Engines

Fri, 04/19/2013

Everyone is invited to a public talk on industrial applications of advanced control given by a research engineer from Honeywell Prague Laboratory (and a former PhD graduate of DCE FEE CTU) - Dr. Jaroslav Pekař. The one-hour talk will start at 10:00am at K14 seminar room, building E at Karlovo namesti campus.

Abstract: Modern internal combustion engines are becoming very complex systems. The complexity is driven namely by global regulations of pollutant emissions like NOx, CO, HC, PM, CO2, and by other requirements. Increasing number of sensors and actuators means new challenges for control design of such fast and highly nonlinear systems. The presentation will show how the advanced modeling and control methods (e.g. Model based Predictive Control) can help to handle the new demands.