Dr. Juraj Makarovič (Žilinská univerzita v Žilině): Lightweight Positioning and Actuators of High-tech Mechatronic systems

Thu, 05/29/2014

Everyone is warmly welcome to the seminar given by Dr. Juraj Makarovič on the topic of advanced high-precision positioning. The seminar will take place at K24 room at Karlovo namesti 13/E building and will start at 10:00. Duration about one hour.

Dr. Makarovič, who is visiting us from University of Žilina (Slovakia), got his Ph.D. degree at TU Eindhoven in The Netherlands (co-supervised by Prof. M. Steinbuch well known in control systems research community) and then worked for fve years as an R&D engineer in a Dutch hi-tech company ASML. Hence his survey talk will contain a nice blend of advanced theory and real engineering experience. 

Abstract: Lightweight positioning is one way of designing high-performance positioning systems. Compared to classical approach, it tries to reduce mass of the mechanical structure of the system. However it lowers eigenfrequencies that need to be outside the bandwidth of the system. The reduction of the structural mass is reached by overactuation of the system. That means the system has more actuators that degrees of freedom necessary to satisfy the function of the positioning the payload. By applying the overactuation principle, it is possible to reach the mass reduction at the same system bandwidth as in the case of the classical design. In the talk, some technological background will be developed, an overview of high-tech companies that develop positioning systems will be given, and then survey of positioning solutions and electromechanical positioning systems addressing different aspects of the accurate positionig will be offered.