Tomáš Michálek's dissertation defense
Thu, 12/17/2020

Finally the time has come for Tomáš Michálek to defend his dissertation thesis. The title of the thesis (and the defense) is Micromanipulation Using Dielectrophoresis: Modeling and Real-Time Optimization-Based Control.

Zdeněk Hurák speaking at a conference on teaching and learning in higher education
Thu, 09/03/2020

Zdeněk Hurák was sharing his experience with flipped learning at a conference on teaching and learning in higher education organized by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports that was held at the National Technical Library in Prague.

[CANCELLED] Ing. Ondřej Lipčák (Katedra el. pohonů a trakce FEL): Identifikace a kompenzace změn parametrů asynchronního motoru s pomocí model reference adaptive system (MRAS)
Fri, 03/13/2020

Všichni jsou vítání na semináři doktoranda Ondřeje Lipčáka z Katedry el. pohonů a trakce, který se ve své práce zabývá modelováním a řízením asynchronních elelektrických motorů. Seminář se bude konat od 13:00 do 14:00 v seminární místnosti KN:E-14 v prostorech Katedry řídicí techniky na Karlově náměstí 13/E.

The first seminar on teaching STEM in higher education (DejVíceUčení = give more to teaching, pun intended)
Thu, 02/06/2020

Zdeněk Hurák and Petr Slavíček (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, VŠCHT) together with the project Kampus Dejvice are starting a seminar series on teaching (and helping learning) in STEM fields in higher education. The first event is on February 6, 2020, at 4pm at Balling Hall at National Technical Library (NTK).

Jiří Fejlek (FJFI ČVUT): Simulation based approaches to closed-loop optimal control
Fri, 05/10/2019

Seminar at 14:00 at K14 (or K26). Jiří Fejlek is a first-year doctoral student at FJFI ČVUT supervised by Stefan Ratschan.

Loi Do & Vít Obrusník: First presentation of a rich data set obtained by inertial sensors and GPS onboard a tram
Wed, 10/17/2018

Starting at 10:00 am in K14 room, our graduate students Loi Do and Vít Obrusník, who are working on a research project in the domain of intelligent transportation, are going to present a rich data set obtained by recording measurements from inercial sensors and GPS onboard a tram while commanding a tram driver to exercise varions acceleration and breaking patterns. The conditions for obtaining these data were truly exceptional - several hours of driving in a tram depo with an experienced driver.

Jiří Zemánek's Ph.D. thesis defense
Thu, 09/13/2018

Starting at 10:00 at "Vyčichlova knihovna" seminar room. Expected duration of the public part: 60-90 minutes. Everyone is welcome. The reviewers are prof. Ron Pethig (emeritus, University of Edinburgh, UK) and prof. Metin Sitti (Carnegie Mellon, USA, and Max Planck, DE). The third reviewer - prof. Michael Gauthier (FEMTO-ST, Besancon, France) will not be present. Among the external committee members are prof. Daniel Georgiev (West Bohemian University, Pilsen, CZE) and prof. František Štěpánek (University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, CZE).

Pavel Otta: On the Customizable QP Formulation for MPC
Fri, 06/01/2018

Starting at 10am in the K14 seminar room, Pavel Otta - doctoral student of Vladimir Havlena's - is going to give us an update on his recent achievements.

Tomáš Michálek: Closed loop control of position and orientation of arbitrarily shaped objects inside fluidic chambers based on dielectrophoretic actuation
Fri, 01/12/2018

After spending several months in Femto ST in Besancon, France, our doctoral student Tomáš Michálek is back in Prague, eager to share his research achievements. Everybody is welcome at the seminar start at 11:00 at K14 seminar room. The seminar will take 60 minutes.