Prof. Nejat Olgac (University of Connecticut, USA): Stability of LTI Systems with Multiple Delays, using the Bounds of Their Imaginary Root Crossings
Thu, 11/30/2017

Every one is warmly welcome to attend this seminar. We start at 10:00 at K14 seminar room. The estimated lenght is 60 minutes.


Doctoral thesis defense by Ivo Herman
Mon, 07/31/2017

The public (open) part to which everyone is welcome starts at 11am in K14 seminar room (Karlovo náměstí 13E). Ivo's doctoral reserach was supervised jointly by Michael Šebek and Zdeněk Hurák. The thesis can be downloaded here.

William J. O'Connor (UCD Ireland): Wave-inspired understanding and control of under-actuated, flexible, mechanical systems
Wed, 06/21/2017

Everyone welcome at this special seminar. Our guest is Prof. W. J. O'Connor  (UCD Dublin, Ireland) whose pioneering work in wave-based approaches to control design inspired several of us. The seminar will start at 10:00 am in K14 seminar room, Karlovo namesti 13. The estimated time for the talk and the (moderated) discussion is 60 minutes. Free discussion may follow.

Benoît Legat (Ph.D. student at UCL): Extracting unstable trajectories of switched systems from measures
Tue, 11/15/2016

Everyone is welcome at the seminar with a guest speaker - Benoît Legat, who is a new PhD student of Raphaël Jungers at UCL ( Benoît's Phd topic is "Algebraic optimization and Cyber-Physical control" which is based on using polynomial sums of squares for hybrid

Petr Bojda, Ph.D.: Air Traffic Surveillance Method using an existing network of DME navigation system
Tue, 11/01/2016

Everyone is warmly welcome to attend the seminar with a guest speaker - Dr. Petr Bojda. The seminar will take place in K26 lab and will start at 11:00am. It will take 60 minutes including discussions.

Daniel Wagner: A linear matrix inequality-based approach for the computation of actuator bandwidth limits in adaptive control
Fri, 10/21/2016

Everyone is welcome at the seminar given by Daniel Wagner - a PhD student (supervised by Didier Henrion) who have just joined our department. The seminar will start at 2pm at K14 seminar room. In his talk, Daniel will give us an overview of the results that he achieved in his master thesis (downloadable at defended in 1016 at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Zdeněk Hurák's habilitation lecture
Wed, 10/12/2016

Zdeněk Hurák is going to give his habilitation lecture (towards being promoted to Associate Professor) at 13:00 in T2:D3-209 room, Technická 2, Praha 6 Dejvice. The talk will be on "Inertial stabilization of aerial camera platforms" and will give an overview of the work done in the past together with his students and colleagues. The event is public, everyone is welcome.

Ivo Herman: Scaling in bidirectional vehicular platoons
Fri, 06/24/2016

Ivo Herman is giving us an update on his research in the domain of bidirectional vehicular platoons. The seminar starts at 2pm in the K14 room and will take 60 minutes. Everyone is welcome.

Bc. Viktorie Černochová (VŠCHT): Micro-scale object positioning by electromagnetic actuation system based on LabVIEW
Tue, 05/31/2016

A graduate student from the University of Chemistry and Technology (VŠCHT) who is conducting research in "chemical robotics lab" of prof. František Štěpánek in the domain of electromagnetic micromanipulation is going to share with us the results of her final thesis. The seminar will start at 14:00 am at K14 seminar room.

Dr. Dariusz Horla (Poznan University of Technology): Control engineering problems at the Institute of Control and Information Engineering of PUT
Tue, 05/24/2016

Everybody is welcome to attend this presentation of our two visiting professors from Poznan University of Technology in Poland - Dr. Dariusz Horla and Dr. Wojciech Giernacki. They are staying with us the whole week, May 23-27, and this seminar is an opportunity to see what they (and their colleagues) are doing. The seminar will take place in K26 lab (not in the K14 seminar room as usual), will start at 10 am and will take 1 hour.