Ivo Herman: Transfer functions for platoons
Tue, 09/23/2014

Seminar on the latest progress of Ivo in his research. Starting at 10:00 at K14. One-hour duration expected.

Transmission line approach to analysis and control synthesis for chains of dynamical systems
Thu, 09/18/2014

Everyone is welcome to attend a talk that summarizes the research results achieved by Zdenek Hurak during his 7-month Fulbright stay at UC Santa Barbara. The talk will be given at K14 seminar room at 10:00-11:30am.

Dr. Juraj Makarovič (Žilinská univerzita v Žilině): Lightweight Positioning and Actuators of High-tech Mechatronic systems
Thu, 05/29/2014

Everyone is warmly welcome to the seminar given by Dr. Juraj Makarovič on the topic of advanced high-precision positioning. The seminar will take place at K24 room at Karlovo namesti 13/E building and will start at 10:00. Duration about one hour.

AIME@CZ - Czech workshop on applied mathematics in engineering
Tue, 03/11/2014 - Wed, 03/12/2014

The workshop, organized by Didier Henrion, Josef Malek, Tomas Pajdla, Zdenek Strakos and Miroslav Tuma aims at reporting recent achievements in applied mathematics in engineering on the Czech scene. It is a follow-up of a series of previous similar workshops that took place in Prague in 2010, 2011 and 2012. More info can be found at

Didier Henrion: Course on LMI optimization with applications in control
Mon, 03/10/2014 - Fri, 03/14/2014

This is a course for graduate students or researchers with a background in linear control systems, linear algebra and convex optimization. The focus is on semidefinite programming (SDP), or optimization over linear matrix inequalities (LMIs), an extension of linear programming to the cone of positive semidefinite matrices. Since the 1990s, LMI methods have found numerous applications mostly in combinatorial optimization, systems control and signal processing.

Haitham Hindi (Ph.D. Stanford University): Optimization for Cancer Radiation Treatment Planning
Mon, 02/17/2014

Everybody is welcome to attend the talk given by Dr. Haitham Hindi. The talk will start at 9:30 and will take about one hour. It will be given in the K14 seminar room, building E, Karlovo náměstí 13. The seminar is organized by the Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague.

M.C. Luis Javier Ontañón García Pimentel (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí, MX): Scrolls, multistability and data encryption with chaotic unstable dissipative systems
Thu, 01/16/2014

Everyone is welcome at the seminar/lecture given by our guest. The lecture will start at 11am at K14 seminar room at KN:E and will take about 1 hour.

Abstract: Chaos, an extremely studied area which yet unveils a huge variety of unknowns, has taken scientists for the last decades to develop different methods and approaches in order to suppress or induce its behavior in our surrounding environment. So far it is known that there are two possibilities to acquire a chaotic system:

i) Through the multiplication of variable states (as in the Lorenz or Rössler systems).

Prof. Frank Lewis (University of Texas in Arlington, USA): Stability vs. Optimality of Cooperative Multiagent Control
Wed, 12/18/2013

Everyone is welcome to a public lecture given by the world-renowned expert on methods for optimal control of cooperative multiagent systems - professor Frank Lewis. The talk will be given at K14 seminar room at Karlovo namesti 13/E (see the instructions on how to get there) and will start at 10am. It will take about one hour. After the talk there will be an opportunity to discuss scientific issues with the lecturer.

Dr. Viswesh V. Kulkarni: System Theoretic Techniques in Systems and Synthetic Biology
Thu, 12/05/2013

Everyone is welcome to the lecture by our guest - Dr. Vishwesh V. Kulkarni. The talk will start at 2pm in the K14 seminar room at Karlovo namesti 13/E. It will take one hour.

Ondřej Mikulín (Institute of Plasma Physics, AS CR): Control challenges in tokamak research
Tue, 12/03/2013

Everyone is welcome to the seminar given by our recent graduate Ondřejj Mikulín, who is currently pursuing his doctoral studies at Institute of Plasma Physics, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic in Prague. Ondřej will share with us his fresh experience with tokamak(s) that he earned during the last year. His talk might give some insight into the difficulties of control design for tokamaks. The talk will start at 4pm at K14 room at Karlovo namesti 13/E.