Martin Řezáč: Some results with implementation of inertial estimation schemes
Thu, 12/08/2011

Informal seminar for people working in the domain of inertial estimation. The talk given by Martin Rezac. In this talk he summarizes his implementation of orientation estimation using inertial sensors and complementary filtering techniques. Experimental results are shown. We start at 9am at K14 room.

AIME@CZ - Czech workshop on applied math in engineering
Tue, 11/15/2011 - Wed, 11/16/2011

The goal of this informal two-day workshop is to bring together a few researchers from diverse domains of applied math and math-related related engineering branches who have been living/working just next door (in the city of Prague) and see the recent achievements in applied mathematics in engineering on the Czech scene.The ambition is also to stimulate a collaboration between groups. Tentative list of speakiers In alphabetical order: 

Seminar on distributed control of platoons of vehicles using n-D systems theory
Wed, 10/26/2011

Department of Control Engineering at FEE CTU in Prague is inviting everyone to attend the seminar on the topic of "Distributed control of platoons of vehicles using n-D systems theory". The talk will be given by together by Prof. Michael Sebek and Dr. Zdenek Hurak. The seminar will start at 10am at Room 14, Karlovo namesti 13/E, Praha.