Farnaz Adib Yaghmaie (Ph.D. student at Nanyang Technological University): Output Regulation of Linear Heterogeneous Agents

Thu, 04/14/2016

Talk given by a visiting Ph.D. student. In K14 seminar room, at 10:00. Everyone welcome.

Abstract: Many practical control problems like trajectory tracking of a robot, altitude control of an aircraft subjected to disturbance, and so on fall into the problem of tracking a reference signal and rejecting an external disturbance. Such a problem is named output regulation and it was one of the most interesting yet challenging problems in the control theory. This problem becomes more challenging if we consider a group of interconnecting systems where not all of them have access to the reference signal and only distributed control is allowed.  Such a problem is named output regulation of multi-agent systems via distributed controllers. In this talk, we analyze output regulation of linear heterogeneous agents. We obtain a sufficient condition for the existence of a local feedback controller.  The sufficient condition is uniquely determined by the communication graph and suggests an upper bound on the H_{\infty} norm of single-agent systems.