"Harum Scarum Printers" video on Youtube becoming widely popular and cited by media :-)

As a creative joke during a Christmass party at the Department of Control Engineering FEE CTU in Prague, in December 2009, two members of AA4CC - Jiří Zemánek and Jaroslav Žoha - prepared the funny show called "Harum Scarum Printers". Worn-out dot matrix printers were programmed to play a Czech Christmas carol called „Nesem vam noviny. The sound was generated purely by the print head pins and the stepper motors, no additional sound sample or effect was used. The printers were controlled by Matlab/Simulink using Humusoft DAQ board and custom power electronic.Video was placed on Youtube. Years have passed and the video is gaining popularity (more than 40000 like it as of January 2012).

... and becomes cited by media. One reference is by Spiegel Online in the section Best of Web. The popular Guy and Seth on Simulink blog cites the Harum Scarum Printers project as a justification for development of a new product called SimMusic (to complement their product series SimMechanics, SimElectronics, SimHydraulics, ...). Well, the blog was published on April 1..:-) 

Well, not much of a news item, anyway, based on the response in the online community, this appears to be the most successful achievement of the lab. Ooops...:-) 

Video: Harum Scarum Printers