Ivo Herman: Scaling in bidirectional vehicular platoons

Fri, 06/24/2016

Ivo Herman is giving us an update on his research in the domain of bidirectional vehicular platoons. The seminar starts at 2pm in the K14 room and will take 60 minutes. Everyone is welcome.

Abstract: In the talk I will try to give an overview of achievable limits in vehicular platoons which use bidirectional nearest-neighbor interaction. This means that the car takes into account spacing (and possibly velocity) errors to its predecessor and follower. For the simple case of proportional asymmetry I will give a complete overview of scaling properties for arbitrary model of the vehicle. When different coupling is used for position and velocity, the analysis becomes more complicated. In this case we have results only for particular models. It will be shown that symmetric coupling in position and asymmetric in velocity improves the transient a lot.