Jakub Drs awarded by Hlávka Foundation

Our graduate student Jakub Drs was awarded a prestigious prize for the best students of Prague universities by Hlávka Foundation. He was nominated for his final-year undegraduate project supervised by Jiri Zemanek. Within his project he joined the team of other students in preparation of our participation at the international 2012 NIST Mobile Microrobotics Challenge. Jakub was also the one who demonstrated functionality of the solution in the actual contest, which took place during 2012 ICRA (IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation ) in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, May 14-18, 2012. More about our attendance at http://aa4cc.dce.fel.cvut.cz/content/aa4cc-ranked-4th-2012-nist-microrobotics- challenge.