Jiří Dostál: Decentralized Pumping in Hydronic Networks

Fri, 02/20/2015

Friday control theory seminar, starting at 2pm at K14 room. Estimated time one hour including discussion. 

Jiří Dostál is a doctoral student at our department (his advisor is prof. Vladimír Havlena) and he is going to inform us about his lates achievements for which he was even awarded the best paper award at 2014 CACS International Automatic Control Conference (CACS 2014).

Abstact: A new concept of decentralized pumping in residential heating and cooling systems has been proposed in the recent years and it is generally declared to save pumping energy. A set of tools has been derived in order to verify this proposition. A graph based modeling approach altogether with a network flow problem solver, network control problem solver and apumping energy optimization solver exploiting the graph structure will be presented. Finally a comparison to the ordinary centralized approach will decorate the benefits of the decentralized pumping.