Jiří Zemánek: Feedback linearization approach to distributed planar manipulation

Fri, 06/15/2012

Open seminar/talk in KN:E-301 (K9, aka Vycichlova knihovna) room at Karlovo namesti. The talk formulates the problem of a distributed planar manipulation realized by shaping a spatially continuous force field. It also suggests a control strategy based on feedback linearization. Force fields derived from potential fields are considered. The potentials  are "shaped" by a set of spatially discrete "actuators" such as  electrodes in the case of dielectrophoresis, electromagnets in the  case of planar magnetic manipulators, or linear piezoelectric  actuators in the case of deformable flat surfaces. The actuators form  arrays. Distinguished feature of such force fields is that the  contribution from an individual actuator usually affects the situation  in the neighboring zones too, but usually not in too remote zones.