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Prof. Michael Šebek (*1954) is a full professor and the head of the Department of Control Engineering, to which the aa4cc group belongs. He has spent major part of his research carreer with the Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Czech Academy of Sciences, starting with his CSc (Ph.D.) degree earned in 1981 under supervision of Prof. Vladimír Kučera. In 2004 he was appointed an associate professor and in 2004 a full professor at Czech Technical University in Prague. Since 2000 he has been also managing the multidisciplinary Centre for Applied Cybernetics comprised of several academic and industrial institutions from all around Czech Republic. He also held several visiting positions at the Universita di Padova, Italy in 1985; Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland in 1986; Universiteit Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands in 1990/91; ETH Zurich, Switzerland in 1994/95; as well as a number of short visiting appointments.

His life time research interests are in the domain of polynomial (or algebraic) methods for control design, in which domain he earned an international reputation, having published more then 100 papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings, with more then 500 citations registered by WoS, with the h-index evaluated to 12. Editorial work is an important part of Michael's professional life. For many years, he worked for the IEEE Control Systems Society Conference Editorial Board on preparation of the prestigious CDC and ACC conferences. He also served as an Associate Editor of the European Journal of Control.

Michael Sebek co-founded PolyX Ltd, Prague, the company producing Polynomial Toolbox for Matlab - a software for systems, signals and control based on polynomial methods. He is a Senior Member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.). He was a founding member of the Czechoslovakia IEEE Section and is currently a member of the Section Executive Committee. He founded and for many years chaired the Czech IEEE Control Systems Society Chapter. He currently works in the Executive Committee of Central European Chapter of the IEEE Engineering Management Society . Within IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) , Michael served as a Policy Committee member and, most recently, the as the Vice-Chair. He has also been working in the IFAC Technical Committee on Robust Control. He was the General Chair of the successful 16th IFAC World Congress in Prague in 2005 which was the largest Automatic Control Conference ever. He was the General Chair of the IEEE CACSD Conference in Taiwan in 2004 and organized many other smaller conferences. Michael is a member of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS). Currently, he is a member of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and represents the Czech Republic in the European Union Control Association (EUCA) a member of its Administrative Council.

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Katedra řídicí techniky, Karlovo náměstí 13/E - room 17, 12135 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Participant of the following projects:
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