Inertially stabilized camera platform on Czech TV

Jarda, Martin and Zdenek as TV stars in the popular PORT magazine  on Channel 2 of Czech TV on Friday, February 17, at 16:25. This time dedicated to the project of inertially stabilized aerial camera platform in which we are participating.

"Harum Scarum Printers" video on Youtube becoming widely popular and cited by media :-)

As a creative joke during a Christmass party at the Department of Control Engineering FEE CTU in Prague, in December 2009, two members of AA4CC - Jiří Zemánek and Jaroslav Žoha - prepared the funny show called "Harum Scarum Printers". Worn-out dot matrix printers were programmed to play a Czech Christmas carol called „Nesem vam noviny. The sound was generated purely by the print head pins and the stepper motors, no additional sound sample or effect was used.

AA4CC group is one of the partners in the awarded GACR CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE

Researchers from AA4CC group (lead by Zdeněk Hurák) together with researchers from Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republics (group lead by Dr. František Foret) and Department of Biochemistry of Masaryk University in Brno (group lead by Prof. Zdeněk Glatz) succeeded in getting a prestigious granf from Grant Agency of the Czech Republic of the Centre of Excellence type.The name of this strongly multidisciplinary project is "Centre for advanced bioanalytical technologies".

Paper of the year 2011 in Kybernetika journal for Prof. Celikovsky

For his work: Lynnyk V., Čelikovský S.: On the anti-synchronization detection for the generalized Lorenz system and its applications to secure encryption, Kybernetika Vol. 46 (2010), pp. 1–18. 

CTU in Prague awarded for the best exposition at Gaudeamus 2011 exhibition

CTU in Prague won the 1st price for the best exposition during the 5th Central European Study Abroad Exibition Gaudeamus 2011. Faculty of Electrical Engineering prepared a demonstration of an interactive touchscreen, a robotic arm driven using Microsoft Kinect and an ensemble of Lego robots “tamed” by Jiří Zemánek (AA4CC) and Martin Samek, both from Department of Control Engineering.

AA4CC visiting several research labs at the US universities and Honeywell

Zdeněk Hurák, Martin Řezáč and Jirka Zemánek from AA4CC attended the 2011 IEEE Multiconference on Systems and Control (MSC) in Denver, CO, USA in late September. Then they set our for a two-week tour around three US universities, namely University of Texas in Arlington, University of California in Santa Barbara and University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

European patent granted to Tomáš Haniš

Tomáš was a visiting researcher in EADS in Munich for 6 months in 2010. During this stay he worked together with Dr. Andreas Wildschek on computational design of open-loop controllers for gust load alleviation for a large blended wing body ariliner. Their work based on use of advanced numerical optimization was succesfully filed as a European patent number 11175857.9-1239. The patent is owned by EADS.

Fall semester 2011 started with the first lecture on "Modeling..."

We struggled to find the most proper definition of modeling in the first lecture within the new undergraduate course on Modeling and simulation of dynamic system. And we had quite some fun... :-)

Photo by Ondřej Janů.