Open positions

List of open positions for experienced researchers (postdocs) and projects and interships for students.

Systém pro sběr a prezentaci průmyslových procesních dat pomocí protokolu OPC
Graduate research

Cílem je nalézt a vyzkoušet moderní systém, který by v reálném čase umožňoval sběr dat ze senzorů a regulačních smyček na průmyslové výrobní lince, jejich archivaci a zejména pak možnost jejich zpracování, zobrazování a prezentaci lidem ve výrobním podniku. To zahrnuje například různé grafy, statistiky, histogramy a jiné reporty, které ukazují, jak daná řídicí smyčka funguje a reguluje apod.

Distributed Control for Transient Stability in Microgrids
Graduate research

The power grid, as a whole, is composed of heterogeneous power generators and loads. In steady state, the frequency and voltage of the grid are constant, with all the power produced being consumed. If a mismatch between the produced and consumed power occurs, the system deviates from the synchronized steady state. During such transients, a control is required to maintain the network equilibrium state within a tight margin. The main goal here is transient stability. The transient stability characteristics can be improved by applying distributed communication and cooperative control.

Modeling of traffic queue discharge dynamics
Graduate research

The goal of the project is to develop a mathematical model (or models) of dynamics of discharge of a queue of road vehicles at intersections controlled by traffic lights.

Satellite formation cooperative control based on Lagrange Planetary Equations
Graduate research

For low-Earth orbiting satellite formations effects of other bodies can be disregarded; individual trajectories are Keplerian ellipses if no controls are applied. When the controls are acting the orbits change according to Lagrange Planetary Equations. Formulate the consensus problem appropriate for a chosen satellite formation and show cooperative stability. This would allow completely autonomous station keeping, excluding the need for ground stations.

Satellite trajectories in the vicinity of tidally locked bodies
Graduate research

Investigate satellite trajectories in the system of tidally locked ''eyeball'' planets. Use the Hill's model to study the shape and stability of trajectories. Look into long-term effects of perturbations; is long-term orbit around either of the bodies stable? Find, if possible, compensating controls to stabilize an unstable orbit.

System for manipulation of liquid droplets
Undergraduate research

Your task will be to build a system for manipulation of liquid droplets using EWOD (electrowetting on dielectric) digital microfluidics. Such system contains a matrix of electrodes covered by a dielectric layer that can be hydrophobic or hydrophilic based on applied voltage. The inspiration can be taken from existing and open system OpenDrop.

Synchronization of oscillations using the magnetic field
Undergraduate research

This project aims to build an experimental system for maintaining and synchronization of oscillations. The system will consist of two or more balls on rails and coil underneath that will keep the ball oscillating and synchronized to prevent their collision. Instead of the rails, it is possible to use two pendulums suspended from the one point. 

Automatic AirHockey
Undergraduate research

This project aims to design a control system for the automatic AirHockey. The control system will run on RaspberryPi, and it will use a camera to detect the position of a puck and command stepper motors. The inspiration can be taken from the existing system. Hardware and electronics are ready. 

Simulation of urban traffic in presence of high-priority vehicles
Graduate research, Undergraduate research

This student project is motivated by the needs of a larger industrial research project that the AA4CC group is running since January 2018 jointly with a small hi-tech Brno-located company focused on automation in public transportation. The focus of the proposed project is on numerical simulations of urban traffic using existing opensource simulation packages.

General instructions for undergraduate students asking for a (final-year) project
Undergraduate research

We receive numerous inquiries from undergraduate students if there is any research project solved by our group in which they can be involved. The typical motivation is the final-year undergraduate project/thesis but oftentimes even second- or third-year students are expressing their interest.