Open positions

List of open positions for experienced researchers (postdocs) and projects and interships for students.

Acoustic levitation controlled by an array of ultrasonic transducers
Undergraduate research

The goal of this project is to design and build a device for acoustic levitation. An array of ultrasonic transducers would be used to levitate a small polystyrene bead and possibly to steer it along a defined path. As an inspiration may serve the work of Asier Marzo et al.

Development and maintenance of slot car platooning platform
Undergraduate research

A skillful and enthusiastic undergraduate student is wanted who woud join our AA4CC team in further development and maintenance of the "Slot Car Platooning" project. Good programming skills (both low-level programming in C and some higher-level Java programming) and some very basic experience in practical electronics are expected.

Experimental platform for distributed temperature control along a slender metal rod
Graduate research, Undergraduate research

The main objective of this project is to design, build and program an experimental platform for distributed control of a temperature profile of a slender metal rod. The one-meter long aluminium rod will be equipped with some twenty heaters (transistors) and temperature sensors (Dallas DS18B20). These will be used to close feedback control loops to track a prescribed temperature profile.

A straightforward (albeit not necessarily optimal) approach to the work is just to upgrade one already existing platform using new hardware (see the list of student projects below).

Energy-based modeling, analysis and control of large-scale networks of physical systems
PhD position

Mainstream approaches to control-oriented mathematical modeling of dynamical systems are based on classifying the variables as either the inputs or the outputs first, and then finding the corresponding (differential) equations that link these variables. The major disadvantage of these approaches is that modeling of complex systems that are composed of several subsystems and elements is typically very tedious. Moreover, it is also uninsightful – the interconnection structure of the system is not captured in the model, hence it cannot be further investigated.

Distributed Control of Multi-Agent Systems for Estimating and Controlling Large-Scale Distributed Parameter Environments
Graduate research

A position for one masters student is opened within the project 16-25493Y: Distributed Control of Multi-Agent Systems for Estimating and Controlling Large-Scale Distributed Parameter Environments. This position includes a salary up to 0.5 of the full-time.

General instructions for undergraduate students asking for a (final-year) project
Undergraduate research

We receive numerous inquiries from undergraduate students if there is any research project solved by our group in which they can be involved. The typical motivation is the final-year undergraduate project/thesis but oftentimes even second- or third-year students are expressing their interest.