Paper on application of HIFOO and Hinfstruct to a dual-state inertial stabilization platform published in Mechatronics journal

Martin Řezáč and Zdeněk Hurák succeeded in getting the results of their applied research in the domain of robust control for inertial stabilization published in Mechatronics (Elsevier) journal. In particular, the paper documents the use of two numerical solvers for structured Hinf-optimal - HIFOO and Hinstruct - for a control design for a dual stage single-axis stabilization platform. The paper not only offers a comprehensive description of a real control design project, including the detailed description of a mathematical model, list of physical parameters, discussion of design requirements and contraints, comparision of the performance of the two solvers, but it also offers a very convenient way to reproduce the findings by providing a link to a freely downloadable Matlab code that implements the model and the controller design. The code can be downloaded from File Exchange on Matlab Central.

Video: Single-axis dual-stage inertial stabilization benchmarking setup