Seminar on distributed control of platoons of vehicles using n-D systems theory

Wed, 10/26/2011

Department of Control Engineering at FEE CTU in Prague is inviting everyone to attend the seminar on the topic of "Distributed control of platoons of vehicles using n-D systems theory". The talk will be given by together by Prof. Michael Sebek and Dr. Zdenek Hurak. The seminar will start at 10am at Room 14, Karlovo namesti 13/E, Praha.

The key motivation for this seminar will be to present a new research direction investigated at the department. Practical motivation from the field of transportation will be given, state of the art will be overviewed, some new mathematical tools for description of dynamics of long platoons (or strings) of vehicles based on fractions of two-variable polynomials will be explained, simulation results will be commented on to explain some fundamental limitations in vehicular platoon control, and finally, a few laboratory experiments based on racing slotcars and Lego Mindstorms NXT set will be reported.

Video: Experiments with distributed control of a platoon of autonomous racing slot cars