State estimation on a gear box test set-up - summer internship at LMS International, Leuven, Belgium


One of our industrial partners - LMS International, a hi-tech company located in Leuven, Belgium - is offering summer internships to top students from the fields of control and automation. The exact period is negotiable but the position should last at least three months. LMS will offer a small apartment in their own dormitory (just next to their facilities) not far from the center of the historial city of Leuven. On top of that, LMS will pay a monthly living allowance of 250 Euro. LMS hosts a lot of foreign students and they are housed in the same building, therefore, a lot of new contacts with people from all around the world will be certainly made. The work started during the proposed started internship can be turned into a graduate project assignment on a supervision of which researchers both from LMS and from AA4CC will collaborate.

Technical problem description:LMS has a set-up to test gear boxes. Several quantities can be measured such as, input speeds and torques but also electrical quantities of the motors that propel or brake the shafts of the gear box. The idea is to combine this information to obtain a good estimate about the input and output power of the gear box. Knowledge of gearboxes, electrical motors and Kalman filtering is a plus. Ability to perform theoretical studies as well as practical experiments. The estimator should be implemented on a rapid control development platform. This will be a Xenomai based platform.



Contact person: 
Zdeněk Hurák