Ing. Štefan Knotek

PhD student • knoteste [at] fel [dot] cvut [dot] cz
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Štefan Knotek (*1990) is a doctoral student supervised jointly by Michael Šebek and Kristian Hengster-Movric since the autumn 2014. He received the Bc. (B.S.) and Ing. (M.S.) degrees in industrial informatics and robotics from Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, in 2012 and 2014, respectively. His area of interest includes distributed control and multi-agent systems.

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Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Control Engineering, Karlovo náměstí 13/E, room 8, 121 35, Prague 2.
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Knotek, Š., K. Hengster‐Movric, and M. Šebek, "Distributed adaptive consensus protocol with decaying gains", International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, vol. 30, issue 15: Wiley, pp. 6166 - 6188, 10, 2020.
Knotek, S., K. Hengster-Movric, and M. Sebek, "Distributed adaptive consensus protocol with decaying gains on directed graphs", 6th IFAC Workshop on Distributed Estimation and Control in Networked Systems, Tokyo, Japan, September, 2016. Abstract
Knotek, S., "Fully distributed adaptive consensus protocol with bounded gains", 20th International Student Conference on Electrical Engineering, Prague, Czech Republic, May, 2016. Abstract