Summer research internships for students at AA4CC

AA4CC group offers several summer research internship positions for students. The direct link to the list of offered projects is The description of most topics is currently only available in Czech, sorry. But do not hesitate to contact us to get some more details. The interested students should contact Zdeněk Hurák by email by Tuesday, June 12, 2012. Students will be selected on the basis of their study results (possible exceptions to the requirement of As and Bs in the core subjects such as math, physics and automatic control can be granted to exceptionally skilfull and productive HW or SW gurus). Selected students will be informed by Friday, June 15 (or possibly only a few days later if there are too many candidates). The financial reward will be based on the achieved results but the workload is planned so that it roughly corresponds to a 50% part-time position over two or three months. The total sum of money will be 20 to 30 thousand CZK and will be paid in the form of a scholarship. It is expected that the succesful projects will be offered some kind of collaboration, for instance by turning theim into the final undergraduate or graduate project.