Two-sided wave-absorbing control of a heterogenous vehicular platoon

TitleTwo-sided wave-absorbing control of a heterogenous vehicular platoon
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMartinec, Dan, Ivo Herman, and Michael Šebek
Conference LocationCape Town, South Africa

The paper tailors the so-called wave-absorbing control designed for a homogenous platoon of vehicles to a platoon where dynamics of vehicles di er. The proposed solution is based on the symmetric bidirectional control of the in-platoon vehicles and wave-absorbing control of the platoon ends. This type of control reduces oscillations of vehicle's velocities and signi cantly decrease the settling time of the platoon by absorbing waves on the platoon ends. The necessary transfer-function-based mathematical apparatus for description of the so-called soft boundary is also presented. Although the soft boundary is a virtual boundary located between the vehicles of di erent dynamics, it signi cantly alters the behaviour of the platoon. It is shown how to incorporate model of the soft boundary into the design of the wave-absorbing control such that its e ect is minimized. The proposed control scheme is veri ed on numerous mathematical simulations.


19th IFAC World Congress