Tomáš Michálek
PhD student
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Tomáš is a doctoral student conducting research in the domain of distributed micromanipulation based on dielectrophoresis under supervision of Zdeněk Hurák. He started his doctoral studies in 2016. His research interests include mathematical modeling of dielectrophoresis and other electrokinetic phenomena and real-time optimization-based (micro)manipulation using arrays of actuators. Besides solving computational problems, Tomáš is also involved in laboratory experimental verification of the proposed control strategies. A particular research task that Tomáš is investigating is the independent but simultaneous manipulation with several microparticles (possibly of biological origin). His ultimate motivation is to contribute to development of a cheap Lab-on-a-Chip device for affordable and fast bioanalysis such as detection of cancer or some infection. Tomáš is driven by the conviction that advanced methods from control theory, robotics a automation can make a major impact in the Lab-on-Chip domain.

Tomáš joined the group as early as in his final undergraduate year while working on the project supervised by Jiří Zemánek. He was one of the key team members who brought the team's dielectrophoretic setup to a succesful participation at Mobile Microrobotics Challenge organized by NIST in 2012 and IEEE RAS in 2013. This collaboration with Jiří Zemánek culminated in the successfuly defended master's thesis in June 2015, which was awarded Dean’s prize.


Research Publications michato4 [at] fel [dot] cvut [dot] cz