Ing. Adam Kollarčík


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R&D engineer • kollaada [at] fel [dot] cvut [dot] cz
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Adam Kollarčík is an R&D engineer whose responsibilites in the group are mathematical modeling and control design for mechatronic systems. In particular, his current task is to built a mathematical model of a prototype dynamical plotter, for which and Iterative Learning Controller (ILC) will subsequently be designed and implemented.

Adam has collaborated with the group since his student days. Together with Josef Matouš he worked on noncontact manipulation using and array of ultrasonic (piezo) transducers during his undergraduate studies, and supervised by Martin Gurtner he worked on modeling and control design for the new wheeeled biped robot SK8O.

Matouš, J., A. Kollarčík, M. Gurtner, T. Michálek, and Z. Hurák, "Optimization-based Feedback Manipulation Through an Array of Ultrasonic Transducers", 8th IFAC Symposium on Mechatronic Systems MECHATRONICS 2019, vol. 52, issue 15, Vienna, Austria, pp. 483 - 488, 2019. Abstract